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We stand behind our workmanship with an industry-leading guarantee that ensures that any work we do will be free of defects.

Unparalleled Expertise and Experience

Our stucco company boasts a team of highly-skilled professionals who possess a wealth of experience in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we continuously hone our skills and stay abreast of the latest stucco trends and techniques, ensuring an unmatched level of expertise. This commitment to excellence translates to meticulous craftsmanship and impeccable results tailored to your unique needs.

Having worked on countless residential and commercial stucco projects, we’re well-versed in handling different structures and architectural styles, from traditional to modern aesthetics. Additionally, our familiarity with local building codes and industry standards ensures smooth project execution and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Range of Services

One of the main reasons to hire our stucco company is the comprehensive array of services we offer. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your stucco needs, including installation, removal, repair, replacement, and much more. Our versatile team is adept in handling various stucco types, textures, and finishes, allowing us to create a customized look that complements your property’s unique appeal.

Beyond stucco installation, we also specialize in repairing cracks, blisters, and other forms of damage. By employing state-of-the-art techniques and materials, we restore your property’s exterior to its original pristine condition. Furthermore, our preventive maintenance services ensure your stucco remains in excellent shape for years to come, protecting your investment and enhancing your property’s overall value.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Santa Clara Stucco and Plastering, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. We understand the significance of transparent communication and the impact it has on the success of a project. That’s why we strive to maintain open channels of communication throughout the project lifespan, from initial consultation to completion.

We begin every project by conducting a thorough assessment of your property to gain a clear understanding of your specific needs and preferences. With this information, we can craft a tailored stucco solution that aligns with your aesthetic vision and budget. As the project progresses, we’ll provide regular updates and promptly address any concerns or queries, ensuring you feel confident and satisfied with the results.

Licensed Stucco Contractor in Santa Clara CA

Our licensed stucco contractor in Santa Clara, CA is committed to providing quality service and expertise to all of its customers. With years of experience in the industry and a commitment to craftsmanship, you can be sure that our work will be second to none. We understand how important it is for your property to not only look good but perform well over its lifetime. That’s why reach out to us our stucco contractors take on every job with the utmost attention to detail and precision. You can trust that when it comes to stucco work, our team knows their stuff and will treat your home or business as if it was their own.
Your satisfaction is our goal, and you can rest assured that the job will be done right.
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If you’ve been considering a home makeover, or even constructing a new home, you may have come across stucco as a viable option for your exterior finish. Stucco is a versatile and durable material that has been used for centuries and continues to be a popular choice among homeowners today. In this blog post, we will explore four of the incredible benefits that make stucco such an appealing material for both residential and commercial properties. Read on to discover how stucco could be the perfect solution for your exterior needs!

Exceptional Durability and Low Maintenance

One of the top reasons homeowners choose stucco is its exceptional durability. Stucco is made from a combination of cement, sand, and water, creating a strong and long-lasting exterior finish. This robust material can endure various weather conditions, including high temperatures, rain, and snow, making it suitable for areas with diverse climates. Additionally, stucco’s porous nature prevents water from being trapped and damaging your home’s structure.

Energy Efficiency

Stucco’s energy efficiency is another significant benefit for homeowners. With its excellent insulating properties, stucco helps regulate the interior temperature of your home, keeping it cool during scorching summers and warm during frigid winters. Consequently, your heating and cooling efforts will be more effective, leading to reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Energy efficiency also contributes to a more comfortable living environment, as your home will be less prone to temperature fluctuations.

Customizable Aesthetic

Stucco offers homeowners a vast array of customization options to suit their tastes and architectural styles. With various colors, textures, and finishes available, you can create a unique look to complement your home’s design. You can opt for smooth, rough, or patterned finishes, and even incorporate decorative accents such as stone or brick.

Noise Reduction

Lastly, stucco’s noise reduction capabilities make it a favored material for homes and commercial buildings alike. Its dense composition significantly reduces the transmission of exterior sounds, enhancing privacy and creating a quieter living or working environment. This feature is particularly useful for properties situated near busy roads, airports, or commercial areas. Stucco contributes to a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere within your home, allowing you to unwind and relax without being disturbed by the surrounding noise.

Residential & Commercial Stucco Services

At Santa Clara Stucco and Plastering, we provide residential and commercial stucco services in Santa Clara, CA with the highest quality of craftsmanship. Our experienced and highly trained team is ready to take on any project, whether it’s a commercial building or a home repair. We know that stucco can be tricky; that’s why our experts are committed to providing you with professional results you can trust. Let us handle all of your stucco needs and make sure your project is completed to your satisfaction. You won’t regret putting your trust in Santa Clara Stucco & Plastering for all of your stucco needs. Let’s break down the details so that you can decide which service is right for you.

Stucco Installation

Is this the first time that your property has been fitted with stucco? If so, then stucco installation is the service that you need. We specialize in custom-crafted stucco installations to ensure that all areas are covered and there is no risk of water damage or other problems arising due to an incomplete installation.

Our team will also take all necessary precautions to ensure a secure fit, as well as provide advice on what materials should be used and how often maintenance should be performed. With our comprehensive stucco installation service, we guarantee that your property will look beautiful and remain durable for years to come.

Stucco Replacement

If the existing stucco on your property has become damaged or outdated, then you may want to consider replacing it instead of repairing it. Our team offers a full range of stucco replacement services for both residential and commercial properties in Santa Clara, CA. We can carefully remove the existing material and replace it with new, high-quality materials that are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance required. We also offer different color options so that you can customize the look of your property while still ensuring maximum protection from extreme weather conditions such as hail or heavy rainstorms.

Stucco Repair

For minor damages such as cracks or small holes in existing stucco surfaces, our team offers professional repair services in Santa Clara, CA. We can quickly and easily patch up any areas where water may have seeped through over time without having to completely replace the entire surface area with new material. This helps save time and money while still providing effective protection against further damage caused by inclement weather conditions or other external factors.

Stucco Redashing

If your stucco has seen better days, then it may be time to consider redash it with fresh material. The process of redashing involves removing any old material from the wall and replacing it with new stucco. This will help ensure that your walls remain strong and sturdy for years to come. It will also help to improve the overall aesthetic of your building since the new stucco will create a clean, smooth finish on the wall’s surface.
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Stucco Painting

If you’d like to give your stucco walls a facelift without going through the hassle of having them redashed entirely, then painting them is another great option. Painting your walls with high-quality paint will not only make them look brand new but will also provide added protection from weathering and fading caused by sun exposure. Additionally, painting can also help reduce energy costs since light colors tend to reflect heat away from buildings more efficiently than darker colors do.

Stucco Removal

Finally, if you feel like a total change is necessary, then you may want to consider having your existing stucco removed completely and replaced with something else entirely such as vinyl siding or stone veneer. Stucco removal is a difficult process that should only be done by professionals as it involves chipping away at the material and disposing of it properly to avoid creating any mess or damage to nearby property during the process.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. Hear What Our Customers Say!

Stucco installation and repair is a critical job that is both time-consuming and requires technical expertise. If you are a homeowner or builder, you want to ensure that the job is done right the first time, and you want to work with a professional team that has a proven track record of excellence. Our stucco company in Santa Clara, CA offers top-quality stucco services that you can trust. Here, we share some customer testimonials about our stucco services to demonstrate how confident we are in our work and how satisfied our clients have been. Keep reading to learn more!

“I had a serious issue with the stucco on my home, and I was afraid of the cost to repair it. But the team at Santa Clara Stucco and Plastering worked with my budget and provided me with effective solutions to address the problem. They were prompt, knowledgeable, and communicated with me throughout the project. I was relieved that I found them and would recommend their services to anyone.” – Jack P.

“After seeing some of the great work this Santa Clara Stucco and Plastering had done in my neighborhood, I decided to see what they could do with my home. The team took the time to explain my options and made recommendations based on my budget and style preference. They worked quickly and efficiently, and I was amazed at the transformation of my home. I will use them for any future stucco needs.” – Barbara M.

“I was hesitant to work with a stucco company because I had heard horror stories about contractors who abandoned the job or charged excessive fees. However, my experience with this Santa Clara Stucco and Plastering was the complete opposite. They were reliable, accountable, and transparent about costs and timelines. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product, and I will use them for any future stucco projects.” – Rachel V.

Frequently Asked Stucco Questions

Are you considering stucco for your home’s exterior finish? Stucco is a popular choice for many homeowners because of its durability, aesthetic appeal, and affordability. But before you decide to use it, there are a few things that you should know about this building material. Read on to learn more about stucco and get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. 

Stucco is a durable plaster-based building material used on walls and ceilings in both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s made from Portland cement, sand, lime, and water. The result is a thick paste that hardens into an extremely strong material when cured over time.

Stucco has several advantages over other types of finishes. It’s very durable, so it won’t crack or chip easily as other materials might. It also has great insulation properties that can help lower energy costs in the home by up to 20%. And since stucco is available in a wide range of colors, textures, and designs, it can be used to create an attractive look with minimal effort or expense.

The cost of stucco will vary depending on factors such as the size of the project and the type of finish desired. Generally speaking, however, stucco tends to be more affordable than other types of siding materials such as brick or stone veneer. The good news is that once applied correctly and maintained properly, stucco can last for decades with little maintenance required.

Stucco maintenance is relatively straightforward when compared to other types of siding materials like wood or vinyl siding. To keep your stucco looking its best year after year, all you need to do is periodically inspect it for any signs of damage or wear-and-tear such as cracks or holes and repair them promptly if needed. Additionally, you should wash down your stucco with a garden hose every few months to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on its surface.

Let’s Work Together!

To ensure your home is looking its best and protected for longer, our stucco company offers quality installation, reliable repair, and more. With an experienced team of experts trained in working with every type of stucco material, you can rest assured that your project will be completed to the highest standards. We also make sure our work is available at a competitive price, so you can get a beautiful finish on your project without stretching your budget. Get the job done right – hire our stucco company today.